Find your
purr-fect match.

Catnip connects you to cute crypto kitties nearby

The blockchain doesn't hisss to be long and lonely

Find your significant kitten with Catnip

Paw right to like a kitten, or paw left to pass

Just a furry kitteh, living on a lonely blockchain…

If they paw right too then...

It’s a Meowtch!!

Get your KittyLove (KL)

An eternal token of love. 

One Token to breed them all

Backed by the eternal love of Crypto Kittens,  
KittyLove is used to purchase Catnip Gold and other future premium services on Catnip.

Tech Implementation

Sonm runs our app logic on decentralized infrastructure.
Catnip is purrsibly the first entirely tokens based app

Catnip enables ERC721 token gifts like Kitty Food and Kitty Lambo!
Gifts improve the crypto Kitties economy.

Cattribute Filter

Filter your Matches. Rare Kittens Only!

Rare Matchmaking

Get Matched with the best partners for rare offspring!

Owner Filter

Only breed with owners you like!

AI Breeding

Let our AI Breed your Kittens Automatically!

“Catnip matched meow with the love of meow life"





Different Catributes


$ Spent

lives per kitty


matches found


congested blockchain

Team Catnip

We are Kittens who code


Oh hi! My name's Catnip. I once peed on Nelson Mandela's cat. They had it coming. Some people say I'm the Chandler Bing of the group. I look forward to spinning sick beats with you.

Sir Meowalot

Hey cutie! I'm Sir Meowalot. I'm a professional Aerobics Athlete and I love lasagna. It wasn't heavily publicized, but I once had a brief relationship with Cheshire Cat. I think you'll love me beclaws I have cattitude.


*waves*! I'm Bastet. In high school, I was voted most likely to work at NASA. I once kissed a rhino. I don't like to talk about it. I think you'll love me beclaws I have cattitude.

Ororo Roe

Mahalo! I'm Ororo Roe. All you need to know about me is I hate salad with a passion. When my owner isn't watching, I steal their clutches and use them for litter paper. I'm not sorry. It's pawesome to meet you!


*waves*! Purrrsey here. I'm here to enjoy staying woke and tricking babies. I once made a goose leap. I hope we can be pawmates.

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